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RV Roof Membrane Replacement

We get it...sometimes an RV owner just wants that good ol' "factory look".  That's when it's time to look into Rubber Roof replacement.


Each of our RV Roof replacement projects begins by removing all vents, covers, moldings, and appliances from the RV Roof. We then remove the old membrane and any damaged wood.


Repairs are made to the subframe, when necessary, and then the roof is resheeted with luan.  After all seams are taped, the new OEM style membrane is adhered into place and allowed to cure.  Our next step is to install all moldings and parts and to re-caulk the new roof.  


Our RV roof membrane replacement service comes with 10 and 12 year warranty from the factory that covers your EPDM materials, as well as a 2 year labor warranty from Accent RV Roofing.  


At Accent RV Roofing, we are fully trained and equipped to handle any and all RV Roof replacement projects, whether they be EPDM, TPO, PVC, Fiberglass, and more.  


Have questions?  Please feel free to ask us!


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