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RV Roof Coating Systems

Why Choose a Roof Coating System?


At Accent RV Roofing, we understand the difference between the highest quality, commercial grade roofing products and the cheap knock-offs available all over the internet. Our Roof Coating systems are just that...ROOF SYSTEMS!  Designed for the Commercial Roofing industry, where they have been used successfully for over four decades, our systems are a unique combination of flexible scrim reinforcement fabric and highly reflective white top coat. The end result is an attractive waterproof finish that will stay adhered to your RV's roof despite the constant twisting and flexing that is common in all RV's.  An added benefit of the reflective finish is that our roofing system will keep your RV cooler in the summer by lowering the surface temperature of your roof dramatically.  


Our roof coating systems are not only more affordable than a membrane roof replacement, but are also far more durable. They requires ZERO maintenance and best of all they come with a full 10 or 18 year NO LEAK warranty, which covers both labor AND materials. In other words, if one of our Roof Coating Systems fails to keep the water out for the full length of your warranty...we will fix it for free.  No other warranty even comes close!


Don't settle for just another coating.  Get a roof!!


Our Roof Coating Systems at a glance.

Accent RV Roofing currently offers two different roof coating systems to our customers.  Both work on the same principle...a maintenance free, fully warrantied, monolithic RV Roofing system.  Here's what we offer:


10 year NO LEAK warranty RV roof system:  This system has been in use in the commercial roofing industry for over 40 years where it has proven itself as a durable and consistent performer.  This, our standard roof coating system still carries a 10 year no leak labor and material warranty, which outperforms virtually any other warranty in the industry.


18 year NO LEAK warranty roof system:  This is truly a next generation roof coating system.  Combining the best performance of urethane and acyrlic polymers, this roof delivers excellent tensile strength and elongation, making it tougher and more durable than conventional acyrlic roof coating systems. This our premier roof coating system carries an unprecedented 18 year no leak labor and material warranty.  No other RV roof warranty even comes close!


We would love the opportunity to answer any and all questions you may have regarding your roof and/or products and services. Please feel free to contact us today if you have any questions, or if you'd like to schedule an appointment. Free estimates are always available via email or by phone.

We appreciate your interest in restoring your RV roofing and thank you for considering Accent RV Roofing for all of your RV roofing needs!


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